◆What's access?


Q:If you want to consult the projects?
A:Please contact us by phone or e-mail.
    ※An inquiry

Q:access the features of the?
A:In particular, the following three but I am your evaluation than many of our customers.
  ① High proposed force
  ② High / quick response
  ③ cost benefit

Q:How much equipment is often up to now?
A:It is a tabletop jig / Facilities / □ 2000mm free-standing device often.
    ※There is also building track record of the 20m line in.

Q:Corresponding category is possible up to where?
A:Design (mechanical - electrical) can be up to ~ local start-up.
    ※Overseas facilities also corresponds.

Q:You do get in response to what area?
A:Around the country it is available.
    ※Overseas, please let consult separately.

Q:The CAD used in mechanical design? (2D / 3D is?)
A:Will AutoCAD (2D).
    ※For 3DCAD, currently in the process of obtaining.

Q:Correspondence possible PLC?
A:It is possible to correspond to the manufacturer of the country in general.

Q:OK only be processed goods?
A:You can support us.
    ※We do CAD of by hand drawing.

Q:Or related company is around?
A:There. If matters of consultation is tough in our company.
    There is a case where I am allowed to introduce.

Q:The estimated period How long?
A:Depending on the projects content, but it is often get a same day ~ 1week about your time.

◆Next Stage


As age progresses, the manufacturing industry we are going to happen is "the entry of new industry" and "innovation". Under such circumstances, we access Everyone has the following items as the next step, we would like to challenge.

①Co-exist with the use of robot

   ※Jig device and the possible coexistence of robot and the dwarf / automation


②Global  Market

   ※Expansion of the technology that has been developed up to now


③New business entrants (technology horizontal development)

   ※Provide products as access product