We are promoting the business to the base the "manufacturing". "Technology" that has been developed up to now, "service" and, with the expertise to "good quality", we have to move forward on a daily basis aiming to enter the expansion and new business of existing businesses.

①Factry Machine Produce

※Factory for production equipment / test equipment / tools
※Machined parts production

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● Endurance test equipment
● Press apparatus
● Measurement / inspection equipment
● Assembly jig / device / line
● Cutting jig / equipment
● Automatic screw fastening device
● Automatic coating apparatus
● Processing equipment
● Single-axis / multi-axis robotic device

②Bland Marketing Produce

※Factory for standard production tool, equipment facilities planning / development / production / sales
※Auto parts planning / development / production / sales

Message from the CEO


We are, to your various products building over the 25 years from its founding in 1991,
we were allowed to offer such a large number of production equipment and tooling.

This is also solely a lot of customers and business partners,
we are extremely grateful with thanks to deeper than there was that and mind is cooperation of partner companies.

Modern world is the entry of speeding / other industries of the IT industry, i
t became the era of big "change" is asked to change and the Japanese manufacturing industry of situation.

And, welcomed also "change point" in the Company's manufacturing,
modern conform to the world ahead 30 years, must be allowed to further growth without stopping to 40 years.
Under the new system in August 2015, captures the new wind,
decided to aim to make products that satisfy customers more than ever before,
we will continue to provide new value to the world.

access also a basic overflowing workplace vibrant,
we will overlap the day-to-day effort is also the company motto of the "cost",
"Speed", "co-exist with our customers" as the Manufacturer of the select few to base future so,
I would like to appreciate the future also of your love.

                           President & CEO K.KADO